Exhibition with Collectress at Devonshire Collective Eastbourne

We were asked to put on an exhibition at the DC1 Gallery to complement the performance of Light Dial 3 at the Leaf Hall in Eastbourne. The exhibition extended some of the collaborative processes that went into the Light Dial performances to create new works around the themes of repetition, communication, chance and looping. A Happening at the opening involved projections, audience involvement and improvised playing from Quinta and Rebecca of Collectress.

The exhibition consisted of an Email Reader made by us, built from scavenged parts, which displayed various looped email communications sent during the collaboration; videos of the various movements and repetitions used for the dancers and performers; a new musical arrangement for Light Dial 3 and a large wall drawing of the various collaborators fitted with electronic triggers for music samples allowing the piece to be ‘played’ by the viewer.

Here is a video of the Email Reader and another here.

Here is a video of the sound installation by Quinta.

Collectress can be found here.

Devonshire Collective can be found here.