‘Light Dial 2’ at Digital Textiles Conference UCA Rochester

A new version of ‘Light Dial’, previously devised and performed as a collaboration between Rambert Contemporary Dance company, Collectress and ourselves, was performed at UCA Rochester as the finale to the conference “Digital/ Material – Developments in Printed and Woven Textiles”


Here is a link to a wonderful video of the ‘Making of Light Dial’ by Rebecca Waterworth of Collectress.

In this version projections, video and audience participation were added as a means of generating imagery for further textile designs. The audience were asked to draw on acetates following written prompts picked at random.¬†Students from the college played an integral part in the performance by creating imagery on overhead projectors, gathering drawings from the audience and photographing and videoing the performance. Imagery was then used to create a ‘live’ collage as the performance progressed.

Collectress had to devise new choreography and music to suit the shortened time-frame and situation. Only a short rehearsal time was possible.

The performance was wonderful and emotional and literally had some audience members in tears, so overwhelmed were they by the amazing experience. Above are some images from the rehearsal and performance by UCA student Jessica Raddino.