Crysalis Project

We have begun work on a two year project involving the Museum of Fine Art and Lace-making in Calais, Campus TO3 in Ronse, Belgium, Integria in Devon and University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, where Evelyn is Senior Lecturer on the Digital Fashion Textiles Print B.A.

Artists associated with the different organisations make works in whatever way they want and pass them in a ‘Round Robin’ to the members of the other organisations for them to work on, responding to what they are given.

Exhibitions were held at the participating institutions during the course of the project in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Our response to the piece we received after 2 interventions from other artists can be see above and here –

This is also the blog for the Crysalis Metamorphosis project.


Below is the piece we made as part of the first stage of the project, which has gone to Belgium to the Textiles Research Centre at Ronse first. This will be the subject of at least 2 interventions by other artists.